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About Aboriginal Beata Terra

Excellence in Indigenous Procurement Australia Wide

Aboriginal Beata Terra is a 100% Aboriginal owned and managed company utilises dynamic and innovate methods to assist companies from Tier 1 conglomerates right through to Mum and Dad size businesses.  To meet their Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP), Aboriginal Procurement Policy (APP) in NSW, as well as other State and Territory requirements regarding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) employment targets and spends on ATSI owned and operated businesses relating to specific projects.

Aboriginal Beata Terra (Aboriginal Blessed Land) is owned and managed by Proud Wiradjuri Man James Stephens. James is originally from Narrandera and has lived in Western Sydney before returning to the Riverina in the past 2 years.

Aboriginal Beata Terra is of the firm belief that the need to improve ATSI key outcomes of increased opportunities in Health, Housing and Education are all addressed by gaining meaningful, sustainable long-term employment for our people. James has recruited a dedicated, knowledgeable, skilled and very well-connected workforce who are able to connect your business with local Aboriginal organizations such as Local Aboriginal Land Councils, Job Actives, Vocational Training & Employment Centres (VTEC), Indigenous owned Registered Training Organizations (RTO's) and Community Hubs.

Aboriginal Beata Terra will tap into our vast network of connections to assist your company to meet and even exceed your Indigenous Procurement Targets. Aboriginal Beata Terra will not put a "Square peg in a round hole" to try to meet a number as this simply sets people up to fail and causes poor working relationships between Aboriginal Beata Terra and its member companies.

Membership to Aboriginal Beata Terra is open to any company regardless of size and structure. Benefits of membership include but are not limited to:

Direct and indirect support for the Indigenous components of your business tendering on projects that feature the Indigenous Procurement Policy. By utilizing our local connections, Aboriginal Beata Terra will provide your company with services as required including:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples workforce development.
  • Recruitment services
  • Policy Writing:
  • Mentoring:
  • Equipment Hire:
  • Corporate gift, office art, and artefact supplies:
  • Cultural Awareness Programs: