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Commercial Off Grid

Aboriginal Beata Terra Consortium offers a range of Commercial Off Grid Solar Solutions.

Designing and supplying off grid systems gives us a great deal of joy to provide reliable power for customers. Scenarios where off grid power is required vary greatly and often are in remote locations, often power is only required in these locations temporarily whether it is 1 month or 5 years, so having the ability to relocate off grid infrastructure offers a great deal of flexibility. An example of one of our customers even though they are the electricity supplier in their location it still costs them $1 million to run power to each new location that requires power for approximately 1 year. They were able to purchase the container and have it on site and installed for $850,000 offering them a saving of $150,000 on the first deployment of the power station, the second, third and so forth movements are all increasingly profitable for their business.

There are a number of different containerized solutions that we offer.

Containers including a fold-out Solar Array on the roof

Known as our 'Rapid Rhino' these containers have everything contained within the structure including inverter, batteries and often a built in generator inside the container, and a fold solar panel frame on top. This allows this container to be fully transportable.

Rhino Runner System with Containerized roll System with Containerized roll out Solar

Known as the 'Rhino Runner' our Solar containers are pre wired with roll out solar solution fully engineered and wind rated. These are completely transportable and able to be easily deployed within a 7 day period. Each Solar container includes a massive 116kW per container with 192x 605W Trina Solar Panels.

These systems are the most suitable for ground mount installation where no ground penetration is required. The system can be installed on relatively uneven ground due to the height adjustment which is available during the set up period. This is the most cost effective and time efficient system able to produce high output solar array, multiple units can be integrated to achiever higher power outputs. A typical system will include one container with electrical hardware & batteries with Solar containers to be added on as many as required for the project all coming back to be integrated into the electrical container.

We never intended to manufacture our own solution however we aren't good at accepting a solution if doesn't meet our requirements. We weren't close to satisfied with what the other options available on the market had to offer. We found them to be not adequate in two circumstances. The first circumstance is when customers are wanting to redeploy the Solar again, the available solutions are very economical to deploy once but they aren't anywhere near strong enough to be deployed multiple times. The other problem is that significant ground works are required to meet their criteria to have the ground within 1% flat which is often not practical when deploying on culturally sensitive land. The other advantage of been able to deploy on ground that doesn't require earthworks is that it saves significant costs in the groundworks.

Our Rapid Rhino is built for primarily for reliability and to have a truly transportable solution that doesn't need major groundworks every time that you move it.

Portable Solar Skids

We are really excited about one of our newest developments our Commodore Portable Solar Skids. These are a cost effective off grid solution for running smaller sites such as sites offices, smaller workshops and the like typically up to 15kVA. This system includes a fold out all in one steel frame that houses the Solar, inverter and batteries. This can be easily moved with a fork lift or crane truck giving maximum flexibility.

The Power Skid range comes in 2 sizes, 12 or 15 panels, and is designed to bolt together in order to gain the required solar capacity needed for the project.

Designed to run
- Site offices, safety huts
- Monitoring sites & small exploration projects
- Small, medium & large single phase water pumps
- Accommodation blocks
-Gate houses
- High drawing single phase power tools

Key Features
- Easily transportable (forklift or crane)
- Easily expandable (simply bolt on and plug in another skid)
- Easily Customizable to suit each job
- Weatherproof
- Air-conditioned to improve the efficiency of the Power Hub Commercial which houses the batteries, inverter & solar charger

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