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Residential Off Grid

Aboriginal Beata Terra Consortium offers a range of Residential Off Grid Solar Solutions.

Residential off grid systems include an inverter (we power our systems with Victron), lithium batteries, a Solar array and a backup generator. We build systems of all shapes and sizes from 3kVA to 45kVA+. 

From weekenders to commercial systems we proudly help Australian's in remote locations get off grid by deploying our off grid knowledge into pre wired off grid systems. We specialize in:

  • Power Hub cabinets ranging from 3 - 10KVA just like the installation pictured above
  • Off Grid pre wired boards ranging from 3KVA - large 3 phase
  • Off Grid containerised systems with hydraulic titlting solar arrays just like the image to the top left


Designed as a turn-key Australian Made solution the Power Hub 5 has been designed for light/medium power users who want to live Off-Grid in comfort. You can install the Power Hub outdoors due to our IP55 rating which will keep the dust and all of the nasties out which makes it a fantastic solution for houses or those who want to increase the longevity of their Off Grid System by keeping dust and other objects out of the components which are commonplace in many Australian sheds.

Typical Single Phase Off Grid System

In parts of the country we can have Summer's that have no shortage of Solar but come Winter time it's common to have a week of gloomy weather which is where a backup generator is imperative to keep your batteries topped up and ensure there is no down time without power. The systems is powered with Victron Energy components to ensure reliability and the new Pylontech 5kWh US5000b lithium batteries for maximum performance and longevity. Powered from the 10kVA Quattro inverter you will be able to run many items including fridge(s), TV, lighting, water pump, kettle, toaster, microwave, coffee machine, a welder, air conditioner and more, not necessarily all at the one time but can be run from this system. Send us through a list of what you would like to run and we'll let you know if this system is suitable for your parameters.

3 Phase Off Grid Systems

The Magnum Commercial off grid solar system is exactly the same system that we designed for one of our customers, we enjoyed the job so much that we had to offer it as an ongoing system. The product image is what this system looks like after installation. For many customers that have purchased this system they have a single phase grid connection but require significant 3 phase power. We can utilize your single phase grid connection to charge the batteries. We can also incorporate a 3 phase generator into this system in conjunction with the single phase grid connection. Consisting of 3 massive 15kVA Victron Quattro Inverters wired to 3 phase, an additional Quattro 10kVA to handle the single phase loads without eating into the 3 phase loads. Paired with a Fronius 3 Phase 20kW AC inverter this offers huge power consisting of 45kVA of three phase power from the 3 x Quattro 15kVA inverters, up to an additional 20kW of three phase power from the Fronius depending on the Solar coming into the system, plus another 10kVA of single phase power from the Quattro 10kVA. There is 39.6kW of Solar power generation consisting of 80 x JA 370w Solar panels, and 61.6kWh of BYD lithium battery storage.

Cultural Awareness Programs | Aboriginal Beata Terra
Cultural Awareness Programs | Aboriginal Beata Terra
Cultural Awareness Programs | Aboriginal Beata Terra