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Solar Pumps

Aboriginal Beata Terra Consortium offers a range of Solar Pumps including a range of DC Solar Pumps and Hybrid AC/DC Solar pumps. Our DC range covers smaller domestic applications whereas the AC range covers larger domestic and commercial applications with the ability to connect a generator.

Hybrid Solar Pumps AC/DC

We have over a decade of experience in the pumping industry specializing in Solar pumping, in this time we have gathered an intimate knowledge of all things Solar pumping. Our goal is to supply you with quality hardware that will go the distance, which is why we have developed our very own Workhorse series. The Workhorse range of pumps start where our DC range finishes, we use our DC Solar pumps for smaller domestic purposes such as replacing a windmill, pumping modest water from a bore/dam/creek etc. The Workhorse range is for when you require larger volumes of water or have a large head height where extra power is required. The most efficient way to do this is by Solarizing an AC pump which is what we’ve done pairing a top shelf AC Workhorse pump with one of our Pump drive inverters. The pump drive inverter brings in your Solar power and converts it to 240v for the pump as well as having low water and high water inputs and a very handy feature an AC input allowing you to connect either a generator or mains if required (even if you don’t need a generator having an input can be handy in case of emergency such as a bush fire where Solar doesn’t work well).

Solar Pumps DC

Our range of Solar DC Pumps have been put to the test for more than a decade by farmers around Australia and have proven to go the distance. We understand the importance of reliable water which is why we build our pumps with only the best components. Whether you're replacing a windmill or pumping from a dam there is a Solar pump that will suit your requirements.

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